William Irwin Thompson

*1938 in Chikago bis 2020 (82)

Der Fall in die Zeit - Mythologie, Sexualität und der Ursprung der Kultur (1981)

Die pazifische Herausforderung - Re-Vision des politischen Denkens (1986)

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Selected works

The Language of "Finnegans Wake" (The Sewanee Review Vol. 72, No. 1 (Winter, 1964), pp. 78–90[18])
Collapsed universe and structured poem: An essay in Whiteheadian criticism (thesis), (College English, October 1966)
The Imagination of an Insurrection: Dublin, Easter 1916: A Study of an Ideological Movement, 1967

At the Edge of History: Speculations on the Transformation of Culture, 1971

The Individual as Institution: The Example of Paolo Soleri. Harper's, 1972
Passages about Earth: An Exploration of the New Planetary Culture, 1974
Evil and World Order, 1976
Darkness and Scattered Light, 1978

The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light: Mythology, Sexuality and the Origins of Culture, 1981, 2001

From Nation to Emanation: Planetary Culture and World Governance, 1982
Blue Jade from the Morning Star: An Essay and a Cycle of Poems on Quetzalcoatl, 1983

Pacific Shift, 1986

Gaia, A Way of Knowing, 1988 (editor)

Selected Poems, 1959-1980, 1989

Imaginary Landscape: Making Worlds of Myth and Science, 1989 ISBN 0312048084

Gaia Two: Emergence, The New Science of Becoming, 1991 (editor)

Islands Out of Time: A Memoir of the Last Days of Atlantis: A Novel, 1990

Reimagination of the World: A Critique of the New Age, Science, and Popular Culture (with David Spangler), 1991

The American Replacement of Nature: The Everyday Acts and Outrageous Evolution of Economic Life, 1991

Worlds Interpenetrating and Apart: Collected Poems, 1959-1995, 1997
Coming into Being: Artifacts and Texts in the Evolution of Consciousness, 1996, 1998 ISBN 0-312-17692-9

Transforming History: A Curriculum for Cultural Evolution, 2001 & 2009
Self and Society: Studies in the Evolution of Culture, 2004 & 2009, ISBN 0-907845-82-7; ISBN 978-1-84540-133-7.
A Diary of Sorts and Streets, Poems, 2007 (Onteros Press: P. O. Box 5720, Santa Fe NM 87502)
Still Travels: Three Long Poems, (Wild River Books: Princeton, NJ, 2009).ISBN 978-0-557-07882-0
Beyond Religion: The Culture Evolution of the Sense of the Sacred from Shamanism to Post-Religious spirituality (Lindisfarne Books: Great Barrington, MA, 2013)
Nightwatch and Dayshift: Poems 2007-2014 (Wild River Books, Stockton, NJ). ISBN 9780983918899
Thinking Together At The Edge Of History: A Memoir of the Lindisfarne Association, 1972-2012 (Lorian Press LLC, 2016).






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